Tuesday Teacher Talk: Fawn Auge

We had a great time talking with Fawn about her journey to the mat and what keeps her going as a teacher. We hope you enjoy the interview and, of course, when you support Yoga 4 Change you support all of our amazing teachers!

When did you first start working for Yoga-4-Change?

I started working for Yoga-4-Change in the Summer of 2014 when I first heard about the organization. I was excited to be a part of an amazing group and knew with collaboration and support we could accomplish anything.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

After trying my first real yoga class I knew instantly I wanted to teach yoga. I have always wanted to be a teacher and to help people and I just never knew exactly what I wanted to teach. When I saw the fun and excitement the teacher had and I felt how yoga was changing my life knew I would be a perfect fit.

Why did you choose to work with Yoga-4-Change?

On our first meeting when Kathryn spoke, it was like she was reading my mind. Everything she said was exactly how I felt and I had no clue how to put my ideas into action. She wanted to change the world! She took charge and dove in head first. If she could do it, I could too! The support that surrounded her gave me the chills and I knew I could not let this opportunity slip away! I want to help people, the community, the world, and this was my chance!

Share with us a funny, sad, interesting, or memorable story about your teaching?

It is particularly hard to pin point one memorable story because each time I teach something amazing happens. One time that impacted me more than expected was when I was planning to teach a meditation. Some guys came and sat on the mats ready to meditate and others stayed in chairs around the room watching us. The guys in chairs were interested and not fully committed so they thought they would just watch. About 3 minutes into me guiding them through meditation I looked around the room and I was the ONLY ONE without my eyes closed. Every person in the room was deep into their meditation without any hesitation. I was shocked at how they were so willing without any coaxing or convincing. It seemed natural and the room was extremely peaceful. This opened my eyes to the fact that experience is by far the best teacher.

What is your favorite drink?

Nothing hits the spot better on a hot day than a freshly made lemonade!

Can you name one thing yoga has helped you get through?

Yoga has helped me get through life. Before I started yoga my goals were lost, my vision was blurred and my life was feeling dull. I instantly got connected with myself and others after I started yoga and almost immediately my goals and vision for my life came back. I have learned ways to cope with stressful situations and have learned more about myself than I ever knew was possible.

What is your favorite pose and why?

I am in love with dancer’s pose. I like this pose for lots of reasons, one being that I love to dance! Another reason I love this pose is because it helps open up my chest and strengthen my back while also working on my balance! It is a very liberating pose and it makes me feel like I am on top of the world!

Cat or cow?

Is it okay that I like both? This is one of my favorite ways to warm up the spine and get it ready for stretching! I love cow because I get to look up at the sky!

How can yoga help people change their lives?

Yoga is a great stress reliever and a way to let your mind rest and give your body the chance to do some work for a change. Yoga helps with balance, strength, patience, self acceptance, and focus. Yoga also gives us the tools to be able to cope with daily life and ways to calm ourselves in the midst of chaos.

Why should people support Yoga-4-Change?

The work we have done just in this past year since we have been around has changed countless lives for the better! We have personally seen the change each and every time we teach. With support from our community, friends and family we can change the world ONE MAT AT A TIME!

About Fawn:

I began my yoga practice in the beginning of 2014 and have not stopped thinking about it since. I have completed two teacher training’s from Mbody yoga and I plan to continue my training. I began teaching for Yoga-4-Change in 2014 and it has completely changed my perspective on life. I enjoy helping others strive through hard times and yoga is the perfect way to do that. Yoga positively affects the community and the people in it and that is why I will continue to teach as long as I can.

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