Teacher Tuesday Talk: Y4C’s Ideal Candidate for Director of Fun

This Tuesday we got to know Y4C’s Ideal Candidate for Director of Fun, Ellen DeGeneres.

*All questions are made up by the Y4C team and all answers were taken from a 2004 interview between Ellen DeGeneres and Larry King. Yoga 4 Change is in no way claiming this interview as our own. Click here for the original interview between King and DeGeneres.

When did you start teaching for Yoga 4 Change?
No. I didn’t start.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
To earn a living, you know. I didn’t know what else to do. I was struggling, I was young, I had nothing going on. I was a waitress and shucked oysters and I sold vacuum cleaners and I painted houses and hated what I was doing. And I hated working and I needed money. And I was funny around my friends, and they asked me to perform at a benefit, I did. And someone saw me there, and asked me play at college. And someone saw me there. And all of a sudden, I was working coffee houses. There wasn’t even a comedy club.

Why do you choose to work for Y4C?
When the show was canceled, nobody was offering me anything. Everything was gone. Then I did another sitcom and that failed, and it looked like it was failing and a couple of companies came and said, if this fails, do you want to [work for Y4C?]

And I said, yes, I have nothing else to do. It was my last chance to do anything.

Share with us a funny, sad, or memorable story about your teaching.
I don’t know? I was walking off, and we had been doing fake snow, it was Christmas, and fake snow was dropping, and I slipped and fell really hard. Then we got this telestrator, which we call a “Looky- Lou” (ph) out of it, so we can look back and look at things and market. So, I don’t know — I’m sure that she was asking because she had one, I should have asked her. Is she gone?

Cat and Cow?
I don’t think so. I don’t think [cat] and [cow] can come to an agreement.

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?
I’ve got a secret too, I like to dance. But don’t tell anyone.

What is your favorite drink?
I don’t know, I’ll try to aim for bigger.

How can yoga help people change their lives?
Nothing could be better than [yoga] for me. I mean, a sitcom was always like, yes it was great, but you’re playing the same character over and over. [In yoga] I get to be myself. I don’t have to be funny all the time. I can just have a conversation. If I’m funny, that’s great, too. It’s — it’s fun.

Why should people support Y4C?
It’s a great question. My wildest dream, I was going to go some place else, but I realized that was my own personal life. My wildest dream has come true. To do everything that I’ve done, and then to lose everything and then to have another chance, to come back, because not too many people get a second chance. And not too many women 45-years-old get a second chance. So, for me to not only be working again, but to be accepted and to feel so embraced, you know, I didn’t think I would have this again. So I would say I probably am experienced — experiencing my wildest dream [by Yoga 4 Change’s offer for the position of Director of Fun].

Do you want to add anything else?

I love [Yoga 4 Change]. I feel like I’m the most fortunate person. I mean, everything I’ve done has led me to this job [offering], you know, being a comedian and just everything I’ve done.

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