Message from the Marketing Director


Our Instagram has been a great way to show some our Yoga 4 Change world.

However, we have a secret. We wish we could share more pictures of what inspires us, and who we really are at Y4C.

No matter how many times we roll our eyes at friends who post saccharine photos of “#quoteoftheday” (like thank you, but while “have a happy day” makes us feel good, our work of going to teach at the jail is so heavy that sometimes those messages feel a bit hollow), but still there’s actually a deep lightheartedness within us. Sometimes we have to actively restrain ourselves in yoga class so that we don’t make our students hold “dancer” to document all of our pride (in the places where we are allowed to take pictures, of course). And we just once and a while would like to take a picture of our Yogi Tea messages without feeling embarrassed. But if people can live double lives, we recently reasoned, why can’t we live a double Instagram? So we did. Yesterday morning we made another Instagram account and compiled all the bubbly photos we have secretly taken when no one was watching.

We are keeping our original account to keep streaming the official Y4C messages, and now we have also created another account called yogis4change to share all of our other visual pleasantries from all of us at Y4C.

So to keep knowledge of all Yoga 4 Change stuff follow; yoga_4_change and yogis4change .

Now, have an honest day,


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