What a great way to start December!

After experiencing the support of the community yesterday starting at 9AM and ending at 8:58PM with our last donation, Yoga 4 Change raised $2,416.86; not quite achieving our goal of $8,000. We are still proud of getting the message out to more community members in Jacksonville!

The first thank you goes to the many studio owners who opened up their doors to support Yoga 4 Change. These studio owners gave up prime time classes, allowing our staff and teachers to help talk about what Yoga 4 Change does, and without them – this event would not have been as successful as it was.

The next thank you goes to the Yoga 4 Change teachers who taught and attended these powerful classes, exposing more members of the community to what this whole “yoga” thing is about. Huge thank you to the volunteers who gave of their time to support our goal of raising $8,000.00.

The last thank you goes to our community. Thank you for standing behind us, knowing that the idea of “yoga” may be out of the box as a way for many of the members in our community as a way to heal– and yet you still gave us a chance. Thank you for supporting us throughout 2015 – with One Spark, Folio and now Giving Tuesday. Thank you for making Yoga 4 Change successful, thank you for donating your time and money, thank you for talking about us at parties with your friends and thank you for believing in us.

As I go into the next days filled with parties, and holidays, I celebrate what Yoga 4 Change was able to accomplish this year. It has gotten bigger than even I thought possible, and I am inspired by what can be accomplished next year.

THANK YOU Jacksonville!


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