Advocating for Change

Why did we create this perks card? Why did we think this card was a good idea to sell to our community? Why did we think the community would want to spend the money to support Yoga 4 Change? Because I have heard members of the community say “I want to try yoga” or “I want to see a change in the community” or “I would donate, but I can’t afford yoga, Pilates, and barre PLUS the donation”.

I am like many of my friends, having found it easy to talk about making a change, to talk about wanting to get skinny, to talk about trying new things. However, when I need to step up and do something about what I have been talking about – my stomach gets twisty, I stutter over my words, and I change the subject. Yes, I care about my community – and what else can I REALLY do? Yes, I want to stay healthy and do yoga before starting my actual work – and sleeping in usually wins out. Yes, I want to try something new – and at the same time I don’t.

I talked to my students at Baker Correctional Institute the other day about change. About making a change, and having it start when they are inside the prison. We talked about stopping to talk about what you are going to do, and make a plan. Start putting your words into action. Stop hoping that everything is going to be alright, that you are going to stay clean, that your family will accept you back into the fold and love you more than when you left – and START creating action around change. “How do we do that?” was a common response. I am not naïve to think they have the ability, or the freedom, to take every action step necessary. I have heard time and time again how hard it is when an incarcerated man or woman is released for them to fit back into their family unit, or their community. However, if we keep reminding the person before they get out, that they don’t have to be the statistic, that they have the ability to change their lives – then and ONLY THEN can we start seeing a difference.

And the hardest thing regarding these conversations is the fact that I know I am also resistant to making a change in my life. I am resistant to following through on what I want: and have to remind myself that if I want to create change in my community, I have to create change with myself first. If I want others to be different, I have to be different.

And this is why we created the card. Yoga 4 Change believes we can create change through our programming, we believe that what we do is making a difference. The only way we can continue our program is to be financially supported. However, as opposed to just asking for donations – we are asking for the community to pledge to Yoga 4 Change so the public can experience the freedom and peace we are giving to our students. That is why this card was created. So the community can help Yoga 4 Change AND get amazing discounts at yoga, Pilates and barre studios. The community can advocate for change by supporting an organization AND experience the change we are creating in our students for themselves.

There are countless perks and monthly giveaways – all of which can be found here.
and if you have any more questions, please feel free to get them answered by emailing us:

<3 Kathryn

2 Replies to "Advocating for Change"

  • Someone who thinks you are making a huge difference!
    January 31, 2016 (9:25 am)

    Your words have inspired me, Kathryn, to start change in my life…thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a beautiful way.

  • larry
    March 23, 2016 (3:47 pm)

    Thank you for the great work. I would like to keep in touch with you,share more ideas so as to use yoga to change lives in my community.,
    please reply

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