February Newsletter

What a great start Yoga 4 Change has had in 2016 and it’s all due to the support from our teachers, our volunteers, community yoga studios, and partner organizations.

Yes, we have had some unforeseen challenges, and yet I tell my students time and time again – “you can’t taste the sweet, without the sour”. Without having challenges, our organization would not be as strong – our team would not be as connected – our volunteers would not know just how important they are to the success of Yoga 4 Change. I have felt amazingly supported since the beginning of this year – and I am excited to share some of the statistics we have already been tracking, and the impact people like YOU have had on our organization as a whole.

Since January 1st we have taught:

169 veterans

711 incarcerated men and women

1,412 youth

418 individuals suffering from substance abuse

TOTAL: 2,710 students

We teach our yoga classes 50 weeks a year in 23 facilities, and are in the fourth semester teaching inside the Duval County School district during the physical education period in 6 different schools.

These students were taught by our team of 23 teachers, supported by 7 volunteers and 6 board members. We are lucky to have an impact on over 2,700 lives – and it could not have been done without our community embracing the idea that yoga does, and can, change lives.

The work we are doing sometimes gets difficult. I have, and I know our teachers have, heard stories that make you sick to your stomach. These stories make you want to run and cry – and yet we continue this work because we see our students being affected by our words and this yoga practice.

And the change does not stop after our student’s leave the facility. Our students seek us out. They want to know where they can practice. They bring their friends and families to our classes, and then we see again just how powerful the impact we are having on our students AND their communities.

Your support allows this program to be brought to more facilities. Sharing our message with your friends and family allows more individuals in our community to understand that Yoga 4 Change is teaching how change is a choice. We are advocating to our students that they have a choice in who they are going to be after our classes let out, after they leave whichever facility they are in, after they go back home. If we as a community want to help those who are struggling through a hard time – we have to be willing to see them for who they could be, not who they are currently.

We need your help to accomplish our goals. We need more volunteers talking about what we are up too. We need more volunteers helping to raise funds. We need more volunteers spreading our mission.

If you are interested in volunteering for Yoga 4 Change – please contact us!

Help Yoga 4 Change impact even more lives in the days to come!

Thank you for reading – and I am excited for what lies ahead!

Kathryn <3

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