July Newsletter

This summer has already been jammed packed for the Yoga 4 Change team.

We finished June with teaching 8,296 different students sine 1 January 2016. Having this many students be exposed to healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety is quite a feet – and it is because of determination and persistence of our teachers, our partner organizational staff, our amazing board and most importantly our donors who make this impact possible. Thank you to everyone who has attended our classes, or those who have advocated for us by sharing our social media posts, or those of you who have donated. We are creating demonstrative change in the greater Jacksonville area because of YOU!

This summer our team also had another first!

We were able to spend time together as we went through our new 10-week curriculum, which explores the idea of “Honoring Story”. This brand new curriculum empowers our students to walk away with the knowledge that everything which has happened in their past makes them the person they are today, while also teaching them skills to honor other’s pasts/stories. For me, this rang home as a needed skill for many of our students as well as many in our community. As opposed to snapping to judgment of someone based on his or her appearance or socioeconomic status, what if we simply focused on accepting our own past, our own story? Instead of worrying how someone else is affecting us – we can instead focus on simply controlling our own outbursts, our own anxieties, or our own stressors. We can be the change we want to see – simply by accepting ourselves!

Our team came together in order to better serve our students, and it reminded me that without them – Yoga 4 Change would not be where it is today. Together we are so much stronger than any individual yoga teacher and together we are able to give our students hope no matter what facility they are in, or what has occurred in their life!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Yoga 4 Change! You are apart of the change we are creating in Jacksonville!

Have an amazing July –



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