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Yoga 4 Change is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. We appreciate your support. Below are several key area's in which we need your donations. Thank you for helping us bring yoga to more people in need of positive change.

Donate Supplies $30

This donation covers supplies for our students which include yoga mats yoga blocks/straps, teaching material and curriculum distribution.

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Sponsor A Class $180

This donation covers a single class, in any location, with any number of students, in any of our populations.

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Sponsor a Student $425

This donation covers one student for a year of programming in any of our populations.

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Would you like to donate a different amount, either higher or lower? We would be honored it you did! Click here to make your donation!

Frequent Questions
Can I donate more than once?
We'd be honored to receive any recurring or sustaining donations.
What is the payment method?
We use our PayPal account to receive all payments. If you'd like to donate via check or other form of our payment, feel free to contact us.
What does the money you raise cover?
The money we raise for Yoga 4 Change is used to pay our teachers, offer classes to new organizations and to help us grow our organization.
Can I give a donation as a gift?
Absolutely! We think that's amazing gift idea. Every dollar we raise brings us closer to our goals as an organization.