Cathy Driscoll has been an active volunteer in the Jacksonville community since moving here in 1983.  She has known Y4C founder Kathryn Thomas for 20 years, having home schooled with Kathryn’s family in the 1990’s.  Cathy earned a BA in Psychology from Glassboro State College  (NJ) in 1980.  After a brief career as a corporate trainer at AT&T, she “retired” to raise a family. She home schooled her five children through middle school.  Three of her sons have graduated college and begun careers, a fourth son is a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University, and her youngest (and only daughter) is a rising high school senior.  Although a fitness enthusiast, Cathy is not a dedicated yoga practitioner.  But after witnessing the devotion of Y4C instructors and students at Jacksonville’s 2015 OneSpark Festival, and the community’s support of the organization, she is dedicated to helping promote their programs.